classroom with teacher and students

Six Reasons Why You Should Attend Demetree School of Real Estate

One – A Proven Track Record So You Can Feel Confident

There is no name that is more synonymous with real estate in Orlando than Demetree.  When Orlando was just a fledging city, Demetree was developing property.  The original Demetree School of Real Estate opened in the early 1980s.  Check out our history here.  Karen Climer, our instructor, has taught thousands of students.  She knows the material and can instantly adapt her classroom style to meet the needs of the participants.

Two – We Specialize in Real Estate Education

Many schools teach real estate, appraising, mortgage, CAM, insurance, and any other professional license that will generate revenue for the school.  At Demetree School of Real Estate, we focus specifically on the real estate license.  Your instructor will not be a jack of all trades – teaching real estate today, insurance tomorrow, and CAM next week.  You will have an instructor who specializes in real estate.  This will ensure you have someone who knows what you need to know to pass the state exam the first time.

Three – Access To Your Instructor

If you have a question outside of class, your instructor is accessible to you.  You will have your instructor’s phone number and email.  Karen Climer is happy to provide additional help outside of class.

Four – Competitive Pricing

It’s expensive to embark on a new career, particularly in real estate.  We understand this, so we make our prices competitive.  Many schools in town offer a discount price, but spend half of the class trying to upsell you on additional offerings.  Other schools charge a high price, but give everyone a discount.  This requires you to search the web for the latest coupon or Groupon.  At Demetree School of Real Estate, we start with a fair price and include all the tools you need.  We want you to spend your time studying and learning, not searching for discounts.

Five – Professional Atmosphere

We are a professional school in a professional environment.  We’ve heard horror stories of schools that allow their real estate instructors to answer their phones during class, or show up late.  We’ve even heard of schools that allow their pet dog to roam around the classroom.  At Demetree School or Real Estate, we create a professional environment that is conducive to learning.

Six – Locally Owned and Operated

This is a Florida school that teaches Florida real estate law and is owned and managed by people in Florida.  Real estate laws vary by state.  We don’t use a national curriculum that is adapted for Florida.  We use material that is specifically written based on Florida Statutes to help you get your Florida real estate license.  Further, we are not owned by a large corporate conglomerate that teaches in many different states.  We are a small business that is locally owned and operated.