About Demetree School of Real Estate (as told by Karen Climer)

My parents opened a real estate school called Climer School of Real Estate* when I was a kid.  It was located on Edgewater Drive next to a dinner theater called Once Upon A Stage (later Mark Two Theater).  That property has since been demolished and is now Edgewater High School.  I can remember sitting in the back of the classroom coloring or drawing, but mostly trying to be quiet while the class was going on.

When my parents divorced in the 1980s, Mom renamed the school to Demetree School of Real Estate.  Later, she built a new location on Colonial Drive near Goldenrod.  This school had multiple rooms, so I didn’t have to be so quiet.  I could go to an empty classroom and draw pictures on the overhead projector.  That school expanded to include a Jacksonville location and became the second largest school in Florida.  Eventually, Mom got out of the school business to focus on commercial property investing.

After a brief hiatus (almost 30 years!), Demetree School of Real Estate is back and better than ever.  The real estate industry has changed, but the quality of education has not.  Demetree School is still the place to go if you are looking for high-quality education at a fair price.

*My father, Ron Climer, later opened a different school called Climer School of Real Estate.  He sold the school in 2014.  Neither I nor anyone in my family have any current affiliation with the current Climer School of Real Estate.

Why Demetree School of Real Estate?

Have you ever sat in a class and struggled to stay awake?  Have you ever been in a class where the instructor clearly knew the subject matter, but didn’t know how to convey that information to others? Even worse, have you been to a class where the instructor didn’t know the subject matter and was just reading from their slides?

You won’t find that at Demetree School of Real Estate.  The Demetree mindset of perseverance, problem solving and passion is infused in our real estate classes.  We know that high-quality instruction begins with high-quality instructors. We are proud to have the best instructors in the business. They have significant experience in all facets of real estate, sales, and adult education.  Our instructors know how to explain difficult concepts in a way that you will not only understand, but also remember and know how to apply.

The sad truth is that many real estate instructors read directly from the textbook and can’t answer questions.  These instructors don’t know how to teach and want to use your class to learn.  Not at Demetree School.  Our instructors are professionally trained speakers and educators who know the material cold.  They can answer your questions as it pertains to both the state exam and to real life.

The Florida real estate exam is difficult.  At Demetree School, we arm you with the vital information you need to pass the state exam the first time and get your career off to the right start.