It is fun to keep up with past students to hear how their real estate careers are doing. Recently, I talked to Jackie Unterreiner. She went to Florida real estate school at Demetree School of Real Estate, then I sponsored her to join Keller Williams. She has been doing very well there since she started. Here is our interview…

Tell us about you.

Although it feels like I’ve been doing real estate forever, it’s only been a short time.  After leaving the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom for three years I was ready to start something new.  I’ve always had a  passion for real estate and wanted to pursue a flexible career with the ability to be my own boss.  I have fallen in love with this industry, the buyers and sellers I serve, and the connections I have made in Orlando.   I’m mom to a 3 year old son & feisty chihuahua, lover of nature, fancy desserts, beach getaways, yoga and reading.

What was most important to you when choosing a broker?  Why Keller Williams?

It was important to me to join a brokerage that had top level training programs, resources and office support.  I was extremely impressed with the resources, technology, network, and brand recognition that Keller Williams offers.  Joining KW At The Parks was an easy choice.  The leadership team and support staff are not only invested in the achievements of the brokerage but also play a huge role in my individual success.

How were you able to find success in your first year?

It’s important to start off with a strong foundation.  Demetree School of Real Estate grounded me with the essentials and the Ignite training program (new agent training) at Keller Williams taught me the day-to-day knowledge, insights & skills I would use to land clients, negotiate offers, write contracts, and get deals done.  It’s also important to surround yourself with others who are on the path you want to achieve.  Through my brokerage, I have met incredible mentors, colleagues and friends.

Has your previous experience helped you in the real estate industry?

All of my past professions have served me in this industry.  As a former healthcare data analyst, I am able to review comparable sales and translate market data in an understandable way to homeowners.  I also worked many years in the spa industry and ran my own massage practice.  This gave me the tools to manage my own business & schedule.  My experience working in Las Vegas as a high limit blackjack dealer reminds me to always make work fun!

What is your favorite aspect of selling real estate?

I literally love everything about the real estate industry!  Touring homes, helping sellers get top dollar for their property, helping buyers land their dream home, the investment opportunities in Orlando, staying on top of industry trends – even all the contracts and paperwork – I love it all!

Where do you find your clients?  What has been your favorite sale so far?

In addition to referrals from family, friends, and social media, my niche is working with homeowners who were unable to accomplish their goal selling “For Sale by Owner.” I have helped several FSBO homeowners get top dollar for their houses by helping them revamp the curb appeal, bringing in my staging accessories, and using high-end marketing approach & tactics.  I recently transformed a vacant house that sat unsold for over a month to a beautiful home that sold over asking price in under a week. It went from being the worst house on the street to the highest comp to date in the entire neighborhood!

What advice would you give someone thinking of joining Keller Williams?

Keller Williams operates on the highest level of industry standards and ethics.  The education and technology they provide to new agents is cutting edge, sophisticated & progressive.

I would remind you when choosing a broker “all that glitters is not gold.”  I considered other brokers that had shiny promises, however I realized they fell flat in education, networking, and comradery.

Joining Keller Williams was the best decision I could have made entering the real estate industry. The backing and support I received from KW allowed me to find success as a new agent in my very first year.

If someone wants to join Keller Williams, how can they contact you?

If you are interested in learning more about joining Keller Williams, I would love to speak with you!  Email me at

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Please note that neither I nor anyone in the Climer family has any affiliation with Climer School of Real Estate.  Ron Climer, my father, sold this school in 2014.  It is now owned by a large corporation.  If you are looking for me, I own and teach at Demetree School of Real Estate in Orlando.