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Can you help me complete the state application?2019-06-06T14:16:45-04:00

Yes.  We will go over this the first day of class.  We will have professionals on hand to take your electronic fingerprints.  Please bring two IDs including one government-issued photo ID. There is an additional fee for the fingerprints, which is paid directly to the fingerprint vendor.

Can I complete my application before class starts?2019-06-11T08:49:12-04:00

Absolutely.  If you want to get a head-start, you can complete everything before class starts.  The application is available at the Florida DBPR website:

You can use any approved fingerprint vendor.

Who teaches the classes?2020-11-30T10:08:58-05:00

Karen Climer and Ron Climer teach all classes.  If you’ve ever registered for college, you know the feeling of hoping you can get into a certain professor’s course because he or she is the best one, but instead you had to take a different section with an inferior professor.  That’s not a problem at Demetree School.  Ron and Karen are both excellent instructor with similar styles.  The scheduling calendar tells you who teaches the classes and which classes are team taught.

Where are the classes held?2023-02-11T18:34:17-05:00

Classes are held at 7339 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida.

What should I bring to class?2019-06-07T10:07:47-04:00

You should bring a pen or pencil.  Some people like to have a highlighter or notepad. You will need a basic four-function calculator. You may NOT use your cell phone as a calculator.  Bring a government-issued photo ID if you need your fingerprints completed.  All textbooks are included in your tuition.

Any relation to Climer School of Real Estate?2021-04-26T10:51:06-04:00

Not anymore.  Karen Climer is proud to be Ron Climer’s daughter.  Karen’s parents sold Climer School in 2014.  It is now run by a large national company with many brands.  Karen Climer has no affiliation with the current Climer School of Real Estate.

What is your refund policy?2019-06-07T10:09:14-04:00

Payments for online classes are not refundable under any circumstance.  Payments for classroom courses are refundable prior to class starting less a $50 cancellation fee, plus cost of materials if applicable.  Once class has started, there are no refunds or exchanges.  If you are not in class when it starts, class is still considered to have started, and there are no refunds or exchanges.

How do I access the online classes?2023-06-07T09:41:11-04:00

You should receive an email from RE Campus after your register that includes all of the information.

If you have a user ID and password, but can’t find the website, the website is right here.

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