Sometimes Florida attorneys decide they want a Florida real estate license.  Lawyers who are active members of the Florida Bar do not have to take the sales associate pre-licensing class.  They only need to pass the Florida real estate exam to get a Florida real estate license.

Florida attorneys are also exempt from taking the 14-hour continuing education every two year.  The assumption is that attorneys get enough continuing education when renewing their Florida Bar license.

The one class Florida attorneys with a real estate license do have to complete is the 45-hour post-licensing class.  This is a class that you must take before your first renewal.

Florida attorneys who want a Florida real estate license do not need to take the prelicensing class, but they do need to pass the state exam.  How do they do that?  I would recommend getting the textbook and studying that.  The textbook I use is Florida Principles, Practice, and Law by Linda Crawford and Denise Johnson.  Once you feel reasonably confident in the material, I would recommend taking the state exam review course at Demetree School of Real Estate.  This is a cram class that is designed to pound the information into your head right before you take the state exam.

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