I often get asked how many times you can take the state exam.  I usually respond by saying, “How much money have you got?”

You can take the Florida real estate exam as many times as you want to.  Right now, it costs $57.75 each time you take it.  So as long as you can afford it, and you are within your two year window, you can keep taking it.  I knew someone who took the exam 22 times.  This particular student went to a popular school in town and took the state exam 21 times.  At that point, she gave up.  She was working at a timeshare resort where she was the number one sales agent.  She was making a small salary rather than the commission she would earn with a license.  Eventually, she then started over with my prelicensing class, and passed the state exam the first time.

The class exam is different.  You get two shots at the class exam, then you have to repeat the class.real estate st

Let me be clear that I am not saying you should take the exam multiple times.  I’m just making it clear that the law does allow you took take is as many times as you can schedule it and pay for it within two years.  Not only does that cost you in money, it costs you in confidence.  Even if you have a lot of determination, when you fail an exam several times, it starts to affect you.  It makes much more sense to me to go to the right school, put in the time to study, and pass the first time.

If you only want to take it once, feel free to join me for class.  I can’t guarantee that you will pass the first time (Florida Statute doesn’t allow guarantees).  But I can tell you what my students say on their end-of-class surveys…

  • “I failed the test twice after one prep school. Failed the test for the third time and called Karen [Climer] right after that fail.  Attended her prep class.  Definitely going to pass now.” – Grant Haddock, Demetree School of Real Estate review class student
  • “Karen [Climer] is knowledgeable and has fun and has quirky ways to teach a subject that can be daunting.” – Juliana (last name withheld upon request), Demetree School of Real Estate prelicensing student
  • “I loved my instructor [Karen Climer]. She was very hands-on.  She left no student behind.  If I needed additional help on any topic, she took time to make sure the topic was known before moving on the another.  She even would double back to be sure you were okay.” – Pamela Caldwell, Demetree School of Real Estate prelicensing student
  • “I wish I had taken my pre-licensing course with Karen [Climer]. I learned more in her exam review than I learned in the online per-licensing course I took elsewhere (with a different company).” – Casey Shipman, Demetree School of Real Estate review class student

Please note that I do not work for nor have any affiliation with Climer School of Real Estate.  My family sold the school in 2014.  If you are looking for me, you will find me at Demetree School of Real Estate.