I’ve asked a few people, “If you reached in your pocket today and found an extra $57.75, what would you do with it?”

“I would go out to dinner.”

“I would spend it at the bookstore.”

“I go to antique shows a lot, so I’d probably use it there.”

“I would take my son to the movies.”

Of the dozen or so people I asked, not a single one said, “I would fail the state exam.”

I started my teaching career at a timeshare resort that had a few hundred sales reps, so once the class ended, I still saw my students regularly.  I’ve also tutored hundreds of students individually.  Usually people don’t call me for tutoring until they have failed once or twice.  I am amazed at how often someone says, “I got a 65 the first time I took the test.  I didn’t study.  I just wanted to take it to see what it was like.”

This absolutely baffles me.  It still does.  Why on earth would you take a test without studying for it – particularly if it is going to cost you $57.75 each time you take it?  If the problem is that you have an extra $57.75 and are trying to get rid of it, just send it to me.  I’ll take care of it for you.

The pass rate for first timers is around 51%.  The pass rate for repeaters is around 33%.  In other words, if you don’t pass the first time, the likelihood of you passing the next time decreases by 35%.  Let me say that again… if you don’t pass the first time, the likelihood of you passing the next time decreases by 35%.  One out of two people pass the first time.  One out of three people pass when they repeating.  Your odds get slimmer and it’s costing you more money.

Don’t one of these fools who proudly announces, “I failed, but I didn’t study at all.”

Instead, be one of the people who says, “I passed the first time because I studied.”

By the way, if you don’t know how to study, or you are studying but can’t figure something out, call me for tutoring or take my review class.

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