I used to advise all of my students to take the test in Spanish.  Recently, I have changed my advice and advise all students to take it in their native language.  Here’s why…

I used to advise everyone to take in in Spanish because there are fewer versions of the Spanish exam.  You can toggle the questions back and forth between the two languages.  So people who do not speak Spanish could toggle the exam to English and still get the benefit of there being fewer exams should they fail.

Recently, Pearson Vue has changed some components of the exam.  If you sign up in Spanish, you can still toggle the questions from English to Spanish.  However, recently students have told me that you can only toggle the questions, nothing else.  In other words, the instructions are in Spanish.

Well, isn’t it obviously what the instructions are?  Just answer all of the questions.  I had a student tell me that he had skipped several questions.  He couldn’t figure out how to go back to answer those questions because the instructions were in Spanish.

By the way, you can ask the staff to help you but they likely won’t help you.  They are not allowed to answer most questions.  They can answer things like, “Can I take a bathroom break?”  They cannot answer, “How do I go back to answer the questions I skipped over?”  or “What does this word mean?”  So don’t get mad at the staff, they are doing their jobs.

My advice for now is to take the test in the language that you speak.

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