Three Answers To Three Questions That You Might See On The Florida Real Estate Exam

There are three number laws that my students tell me are on the Florida real estate sales associate exam. I call them number laws because they are referred to by the chapter number in the statute, such as Chapter 475.  Some laws are referred to by their name like Fair Housing Act or Sherman-Clayton Anti-Trust Act.  There is probably a better way to describe them then number laws, but it works for me.

The ones we need to know are:

  • Chapter 475, F.S. – Florida Real Estate License Law
  • Chapter 455, F. S. – Rules of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).  These are the laws that apply to all professional licenses, not just real estate licenses.
  • Chapter 61J2, F.A.C. – Rules of the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC)

You might just be inclined to make three flash cards right now – one card for each of these laws. You need to know the number and what the law is.

These will not be brain-buster questions.  They will be questions like:

The rules of the FREC are described in:

a. Chapter 455, F.S.
b. Chapter 475, F.S.
c. Chapter 61J2, F.A.C
d. Chapter 61Q2, F.A.C

Of course, the answer is C.  That is one easy point on the state exam.

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