An Easy Way To Remember Easement In Gross

My students tell me that there is a question on the state exam that says something like this:

A sewer pipe easement is an easement in gross. You can remember this because sewers are gross.

The utility company needs to install sewer lines behind your property. What type of easement will they have?

a. Easement in gross
b. Easement appurtenant
c. Easement by necessity
d. Easement by prescription

The answer is A – easement in gross. An easement in gross is one that benefits a specific company, such as the utility company, rather than a specific parcel.  For our purposes, you can think of an easement in gross as being a synonym for utility easement.  To my knowledge, they have never used easement in gross to be anything other than a utility easement on the state exam.  You can remember that an easement in gross is a utility easement because sewers are gross.  Yuck!

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