Watch This Video Before You Even Attempt The Florida Real Estate Sales Association Exam!

Some of the math questions that are on the state exam have been on the state exam since the cavemen where chiseling the exam on stone walls.

Photo of the first real estate class. Researchers believe the lesson was a commission math problem. Cash had not been invented, so commissions were paid with animals (food). Some less-learned historians doubt the authenticity of this story.

I just posted a video about one of those questions.  You need to know how to figure the lots per acre on the state exam.  That’s worth one point.  You need to know how many square feet are in an acre.  There are a few questions that require that information.  Let’s say that’s worth about three points.

Click here for the video.  When you are sitting at the Pearson Vue center in stressful circumstances, and you see a question asking about lots per acre, you will feel a great sense of relief and be glad you took the few minutes to watch it.

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