Do I Need A Real Estate License To Flip Houses in Florida?

I get a lot of students who take the class because they want to flip houses.  Technically speaking, you don’t need a real estate license in Florida to flip houses.  If you are selling a house that you own, you don’t need a license.  From a practical matter, though, if you don’t have a license, you are going to be paying someone else a commission.  Legally, you can sell it yourself and not pay a commission, but you can’t list it on the MLS yourself.  So, if you want your house to be on the MLS, you either need a license or you have to pay a Realtor.

This is true of any For Sale By Owner (FSBO) house.  If you are selling your own home, you don’t need a license.  Just stick the FSBO sign in the yard and wait for the customers to come flocking in.  That’s true from a legal perspective.  From a practical perspective, ask yourself…

  • How will I market the house without the MLS?
  • How will I vet the customers before I allow strangers to trample through my house?
  • How will I know what disclosures are required to give the buyer?
  • What if the buyer has questions about financing, inspections, etc.?

That, and so much more, is what you learn when you have a real estate license.

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