What You Need To Know To Pass The Florida Real Estate Broker Exam

I frequently get asked what is covered on the Florida real estate broker’s exam.  Fortunately for us, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) tells us.  We don’t have to guess.

They publish a booklet called the Candidate Information Booklet. There is a lot of useful information in that booklet. On pages 3-5, it tells you what content is covered on the exam. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Real Estate Brokerage Business – 43 questions
  • Valuing Property – 9 questions
  • Listing and Selling Property – 6 questions
  • Contract – 11 questions
  • Financing – 4 questions
  • Closing Transactions – 12 questions
  • Federal Income Tax Law – 5 questions
  • Investment – 4 questions
  • Zoning and Planning – 1 question
  • Environmental Issues – 1 question
  • Property Management – 1 question
  • Real Estate Market – 3 questions

It even gives you a sample closing statement question.

If you are planning to take to the Florida Broker Real Estate Exam, be sure to check out this little booklet. Also, feel free to take my weekend state exam review. Most of the students in the review class are sales associates. There is so much material on the broker exam that you learned in the sales associate class (and were supposed to remember) that it is worth taking it.

Please note that I have no affiliation with Climer School of Real Estate or Gold Coast Schools.  My father, Ron Climer, started Climer School of Real Estate.  He sold it in 2014.  It has changed hands a few times and it now owned by a large national corporation.  I own Demetree School of Real Estate.