Everyone Says The Same Thing About This Florida Real Estate Exam Review

I teach a weekend state exam review class.  There are some people in my review class who attended Demetree School of Real Estate for their prelicensing class.  Many more attended a different school for prelicensing.  That school focused on helping them pass the class exam, but not the state exam.

Without exception, after just a few hours of class, someone will say to me, “I wish I had known about you before I went to that other school.”  Many of them have already paid for a review class in a package deal from their original school.  They attended that class and either didn’t pass the exam or didn’t feel prepared.

In this class, we cover everything that is on the Florida real estate state exam, and only what is on the state exam.  If someone asks a real life question, I will say, “That’s not on the exam.  We don’t have time to talk about that.”  I don’t do that in the prelicensing class, but the review class is hyper focused on what is on the Florida real estate state exam.  We cover law, principles and practices, and math.  Plenty of students walk out of our state exam review class and pass the Florida state exam the next day.

Don’t take my word for it.  Here is what Demetree School students say …

Do not take your state exam without taking THIS class with Karen.  It’s a must.
– Brenae Robinson, 2023

The instructor keeps the students engaged and provides helpful tips to remember the concepts.
– Maria Mata, 2022

Demetree School of Real Estate is the perfect choice to complete your prelicensing course and state review class.  She teaches you everything you need to know to pass.
– Serena Grant, 2022

Karen is an amazing instructor.  If you take her course seriously, she will make sure you are prepared for the State exam.  I was able to pass the class exam with a score of 99/100 and less than a week later, I passed the State exam on my first try!  I would recommend any of her classes to anyone looking to get started in Real Estate.
– CJ Okoku, 2024

I had to fly in from another state and it was worth every penny. Great class.
– Nicole Marsh, 2021

I wish that I had attended Karen’s prelicensing class because the 3-day state exam review was very helpful.  I feel like I learned so much in that short period of time.
– Savarion Perry, 2021

Karen is a great teacher and she is very familiar with the test. What you review in her cram class, all those concepts will be on the test and she explains concepts in a way that help you understand them and remember them.
– Sandra Multhauf, 2024

If you are looking for the same success that these students have, please register for a review class at Demetree School of Real Estate.  It’s not the same as the free class you are taking at your prelicensing school or the videos you are watching online.

Please note that Karen Climer has no affiliation with Climer School of Real Estate.  Her father, Ron Climer, sold Climer School of Real Estate in 2014.  It has since been involved in several mergers and acquisitions and is owned by a large investment company.  Karen owns Demetree School of Real Estate in Orlando, Florida.