Can I Take the Florida Real Estate Exam At Home?

Update: As of March 2024, the DBPR is no longer offering online-proctored exams.

In Florida, we use Pearson Vue to administer the state exam.  When you register for the exam, you will notice two exams.  One is for the test at the test center.  The other is for an at-home online-proctored exam.  You can’t tell which is which until you click on it.  If it offers you a choice of locations, it’s an in-person test at a Pearson Vue test center.  If it doesn’t give you a choice, it is an at home version.

In this article, I’m going to be primarily talking about the at-home online-proctored version.  To take the test at home, you must have a decent computer with a decent internet connection.  Your computer must have a video camera, so if you have an old computer it might not work.  Also, you must have a decent internet connection.  If you live somewhere where the internet connection drops frequently, you might want to consider taking it at the test center.

A few things about the at-home version…

  1. You must be in a room. You can’t take it in a huge open area.
  2. You will have to take your camera and show the proctor your desk and the surrounding area.
  3. You can only use one monitor. You have to disconnect the other monitors and remove them from the desk.
  4. Once the proctor approves the test area, no person or animal can come into the room or leave the room. In other words, no bathroom breaks.
  5. The room must be quiet. If you have kids running around, cats climbing on the shelves, or delivery people ringing the doorbell, that’s not going to work.  You need a silent place.  (This isn’t just because it makes a better testing environment – it’s because they require it.)
  6. You will not be permitted to use a calculator or scrap paper. You must use the online calculator and the online whiteboard for scrap paper.  If that’s a problem for you, take it at the test center.
  7. You are required to be silent, and you are required to look at the screen the entire time. You can’t read aloud (even though you are by yourself).  You also can’t look out the window or look off into the distance.  You must look at the screen.

About a third of the people who take the state exam each month, take it at home.  It wouldn’t be my preferred way to do it, but plenty of people do it and it works well for them.

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