If You Want To Pass The Florida Real Estate Exam, Be Sure You Know The Definition Of Situs, Situs, Situs

The Florida real estate sale associate exam tests your knowledge of the word situs.  You probably learned in real estate school that situs is the economic quality of location that creates value.  You might not have learned how to remember it and not get it confused with the other hundred new words you learned.  I’ve got two short stories that might help you…

Almost fifteen years ago, I sold fixed-week timeshare.  Part of the sales pitch was that Orlando had more trading power than other cities because of location, location, location.  I tell my students that I never said, “location, location, location.”  It is more accurate to say, “situs, situs, situs.”  I might not have sold the most timeshare, but I used the appropriate terminology.  (It wasn’t long before the timeshare company had me teaching real estate classes instead of selling timeshare.)

Society, however, is not always interested in accuracy.  Sometimes we are interested in not offending anyone.  I think we’ve gone overboard with some of this politically correct language.  We no longer say that people are hungry.  Now we say they are “food insecure”.  Nobody lies anymore — we have “alternative facts”.  It is now inappropriate to say that someone lives in the ghetto, slum, or bad part of town.  A neighborhood where you might not want to live is one that has a “situs infection.”

A house that backs up to the train track is a house that has a “situs infection.”

There you have it — two ways to remember the definition of situs.

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