The Florida real estate exam is a 3.5 hour test.  It’s boring.  Before you spend $57.75 to take the test for real, you need to do a practice test in a real-life situation.  Here’s what you do:  Find a quiet place.  Give yourself 3.5 hours to take the test and do not allow yourself any interruptions.  Use the same calculator you plan to take with you to the test center.  You must complete all 100 questions.

Don’t let the first time you take the Florida real estate exam be the first time you have ever done it in test conditions.

Why do I recommend this?  If you haven’t done this, here’s what will happen to you:  You will go to the test center and start taking the test.  When you get to question 30 or 40, you will get very bored.  You will want to get up and make a phone call, check your email, or do whatever you normally do to distract yourself.  But you can’t.  Your phone is either locked in your car or in a locker at the test center.  The test center will seem very quiet compared to the Starbucks or Barnes and Noble where you’ve been studying.  This calculator you bought that morning will seem awkward compared to the cell phone calculator you are used to.

You don’t need the state exam to be the first time you sit down for three hours without interruption.  You need to practice that part as much as you practice the questions.

Sometimes in my review class, I will tell the students to do 50 minutes of questions.  Turn off your phone.  Put your notes away.  No talking.  Just like a test.  I set the timer.  The first time we do it, it is a rare student that can answer questions in a test situation without getting antsy.

There is a practice test in the back of your textbook.  Try taking it like you take a real exam.  When you are taking the real exam, you’ll be glad you practiced it.

Please note that neither I, nor anyone in the Climer family, have any affiliation with Climer School of Real Estate.  My father, Ron Climer, sold Climer School of Real Estate in 2014.  You can find me at Demetree School of Real Estate