The State of Florida just sent out the state exam statistics for 2021.  They aren’t good.  Last year 85,701 took the sales associate state exam and 33,246 passed.  That is a 39% pass rate.  That 85,701 includes people who are taking it the first, second, or even tenth time.

For first time takers, the numbers are a little better – 43,564 took the exam for the first time and 20,311 passed.  That is a 47% pass rate.

Why do so many people fail the exam?  I don’t have a definitive answer to that, but I do have some theories…

Their native language is not English.

If your native language is not English, the exam is going to be more challenging.  I wish I had a solution to that, but I don’t.  But it is a real reason that people struggle on the exam.

They don’t know what is going to be on the exam.

My students know what is going to be on the exam.  I don’t teach material that isn’t on the exam.  I know some schools that want to teach you a lot of practical information.  I know some schools that want to teach you material that is on the broker exam because they think it’s important.  I know of some instructors who don’t have a clue what is on the exam.

I’ve been teaching this class since 2003.  I have been talking to students since 2003.  I know what is on the Florida real estate exam and that is the only thing I teach.

They don’t study enough.

Sometimes people think, “I never studied for anything in high school and I did OK, so I probably don’t need to study this.”  That might have worked in high school, but it won’t work for this exam.  I tell my students to study like their future career depends on it.  You can’t pass this exam without studying a lot.

If you are preparing to take the exam and want a refresher course to prepare you, check out my class at Demetree School of Real Estate.  I, Karen Climer, teach all of the exam cram review classes.  Legally, I can’t guarantee that you will pass the exam after you take that class.  But I can guarantee that we cover what is on the Florida state exam.  We don’t talk about real life.  We don’t talk about how they do it in other states.  I can guarantee that you will be more prepared after the class than you were before the class.  I can’t tell you how many times people say, “My prelicensing teacher never taught us this…”  If you are looking to be in the 39% who pass the exam, you won’t find a better review class than the one we offer at Demetree School of Real Estate.


Note: Neither I nor anyone in the Climer family have any affiliation with Climer School of Real Estate.  My father sold Climer School of Real Estate in 2014.  It is now own by a large nationwide corporation.  If you are looking for Karen Climer, you’ll find me at Demetree School of Real Estate in Orlando.