PearsonVue, the company that administers the Florida Real Estate State Exam, offers a service called the review or playback.  If you fail the exam, you can schedule an appointment to review your exam.  They will show you all of the questions that you answered incorrectly and tell you the correct answer.

You don’t get a print out.  You can’t write the answers down to take them home and study.  But you do have three hours of study time at the test center, where you can review those questions.  The people who do this, usually think it is beneficial.

If you plan to review the test, I would recommend you take the full three hours and treat this like a study session.  Since you can’t write the questions down, you won’t remember them from one quick reading – treat it like a study session and take the full time.

The biggest reason people tell me that they don’t want to do this is that they were told you have to wait 21 days to retake the exam after the review.  This is incorrect information.  You can take it again very quickly (based on availability).  You can only have one appointment on the books at a time.  For example, you can’t have a review scheduled on Monday and a test scheduled on Tuesday.  However, after you review the test on Monday, you can call and try to get it scheduled for Tuesday.

Why do people say you have to wait 21 days to take the exam?

When you review the exam, you have 21 days to appeal a question.  For that reason, the online registration will not allow you to register again for 21 days.  However, if you call Pearson Vue at 888-204-6230, they can override the 21-day waiting period over the phone.  To override the 21-day waiting period, you have to waive your right to appeal.

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