There are three different ways you can take your real estate classes: Classroom, live stream, or online.  Different industries use these terms different ways, so let’s talk about how they are used in the real estate education business.


This is most traditional way to take the class.  You are sitting in a classroom for 60-hours.  You take a three-hour test at the end of the class.  Of course, you have to go to a classroom at a certain time.

Many students like this because it’s easy to ask questions.  You get to know your fellow students.


This is a self-study class.  You sign in online at times that are convenient to you.  You are able to call or email your instructor, but this is primarily a self-study class.  You take the class test at home.

Many students like this because it is convenient.  You take the class whenever you want to.

The people who finish this class do well on the state exam.  The primary problem that people have with it is discipline.  You have to be self-disciplined enough to take the class when there isn’t a specific schedule.

Live Stream

This is a hybrid between the other two.  The class meets at a specific time.  You log in at home and participate through the computer.  You take the class test at home.  Many students like this because, like the classroom version, you are able to ask questions immediately.  You do not get to meet and network with your fellow students.

In terms of what is the best choice, it depends on you.  A number of factors come into play: your personality, your schedule, your budget, your location, and many more.  There are pros and cons of each situation.  I personally took the 63-hour class as an in-person class.

Whatever type of Florida real estate class you are looking for, we can help you find it at Demetree School of Real Estate.