Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls where people ask me if I have any extra materials that I recommend.  Often times when people hire me for tutoring, they want to know if I have any extra handouts or practices questions or anything like that.  Sometimes people show up for tutoring with study materials from every school in town.  They’ve collected this from all the other sales reps at their resort.

Here’s the thing … you don’t need any more study material.  You need to sit down and study.  When I studied for the sales associate exam, I had the Linda Crawford textbook and the Linda Crawford exam manual.  You don’t need study questions and extra study sheets from everywhere you can find it.  You just need a game plan.

This is the best study guide there is for the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate State Exam.

When I was studying, my game plan was that I scheduled the state exam about three weeks out.  I studied about one chapter per day.  I adjusted that a little bit because some chapters were longer and others were shorter.  Back in the good old days (2002), they didn’t tell us how many questions were from each chapter so I couldn’t factor that in.  Today, I would factor it in.  I did every single question in the exam manual.  That is about 800 questions.  I didn’t have a lot of extra study guides, practice questions, etc.  I had two books by the same author.

So, don’t worry about gathering more study material.  Worry about studying more.

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